Blueprint Sessions



Stop hanging out in the “muddling place.”

If you’ve only got a a few clients here and there, launches that aren’t gaining traction, and uncertainty about how your business is going to build from one year to the next, you’re in the “muddling place.” You know some things, but you need someone experienced who can see the broad view of what you’re trying to create.

I work with a select number of clients on very specific tasks. This isn’t “Let’s hop on the phone and talk about how scary it is to work for yourself.”

This is–

You know something just isn’t quite working about your website? Let’s go through each page and get clear on what works.
You want to launch a new e-book? Here’s how you do that and get phenomenal results.
You want to bring in more clients? Here’s how you do that without having to work twice as hard.

When it comes to business, results are where it’s at. Let’s work together in a business coaching capacity to create actionable, direct strategies for building your life coaching business that have been proven to convert to cash, all without resorting to mucky marketing tactics that don’t feel good.

Pre-requisite? Have a functional website and blog. Don’t worry; it need not be a great website (in fact, you’d rather talk to me before you pay your designer another cent).


“Over the course of my Blueprint Session she worked her magic and was able to show me:

  • exactly where and why I was struggling,
  • prioritize what I needed to do to course correct in order to reach my goals,
  • and give me both the high-level strategy and the nuts and bolts practical tools and resources I needed to get exactly where I wanted to go.

I seriously don’t know what I would have done without her.

This is the best money you will spend on your business, hands down.
—Margo Brockman, Interchange Counseling


What we cover:

You’ll determine your top priorities for our time together when you fill out the pre-session questions, but here are a few things that life coaches typically want to work on when they hire me for business coaching:

  • Clarifying the most important messages for your coaching pages and offerings
  • Evaluating your pricing and packages and look out for blind spots where your positioning might be prohibiting clients from working with you.
  • Strategies for bringing more traffic to your website, and then–most importantly–converting that traffic to people who are excited to work with you.
  • Building your newsletter list and social media platforms (in ways that feel natural, and not overwhelming!)
  • Creating a plan for regular blog and newsletter content, even when you aren’t sure what to say and you’re feeling really short on time.
  • Making the connection between your vision for your practice and offerings that go beyond one-on-one coaching: passive income, workshops, retreats, and more.



  • Get immediate access to The Blueprint Pre-Session questions. Most of my business coaching clients share that just the process of answering these questions was a clarifying exercise in focusing what they wanted for their businesses. The download link is available as soon as you confirm your registration.
  • My work begins long before our actual session: I’ll be reviewing your website, social media channels, and sales pages. I’ll come to our session prepared with feedback, with strategy suggestions for you to implement. And, for our 90-minute phone session, I’m all yours. Ask me anything and everything, and I’m happy to answer your business questions. This is not time spent waxing philosophical about business–our time together is action-oriented and results-driven with the goal of you leaving this session with a targeted “blueprint” for moving forward.
  • SESSION DATES: Sessions are held on two select days a month, typically Tuesdays at 2:00 or 3:00 Pacific Time.



Let’s get the process started. Click the BLUEPRINT SESSIONS button below, to begin. Once you’ve completed the booking process, you’ll be able to download the pre-session questions and I’ll contact you to begin the booking process for your appointment.

After I’ve received your pre-session questions, I’ll begin the process of reviewing your overall platform–your website, social media channels, visual identity, and messaging. The hours I spend preparing in advance of our session will be distilled into a PDF report that will be delivered to you after we’ve hopped on the phone for 90-minutes of straight-to-the-point strategy about how to achieve your business’s goals. Between our session’s call recording and the detailed action report that you receive after our call, you’ll have a path for moving forward with your life coaching practice in the coming year.


kate swoboda the coaching blueprint

Can’t wait for the one-on-one? Need to get started, now?

The Coaching Blueprint is the complete digital offering with video seminars, interviews, exercises, prompts, and plans for creating a unique-to-you Blueprint for your life coaching business. Click here to learn more.

Blueprint Sessions Reviews

“So what I got was so much more than a 90 minute coaching call. I was so impressed with the amount of care you’d put into the preparation – the blueprint pre-session questionnaire was so well thought out and smart that I got a ton of learning from completing that alone.  I was also impressed with the fact that you followed up with me via email before the call to clarify anything you were unsure about and really understand where I was coming from. 

That call itself was great – I found it gave me so much clarity about my next steps and a real sense that this was do-able. I felt esteemed, supported and stretched afterwards – which is exactly what I needed. 

I also had a real sense that you’d taken the time to get to know ‘me’ – by which I mean who I am, what my values, goals and ambitions are, where I am now and where I want to get to. You gave me a sensation of being seen and heard for who i am – not for who a ‘marketer’ might want me to be. You took the time, put in the care and gave me a real esteeming, stretching and empowering experience – which IMHO, is just how coaching should be!.

I came away with a clearer sense of who I was and what I was trying to do, with the added knowledge that someone else who was walking their talk and much further along the path than I was thought what I was doing was not only worth pursuing but showed me ways of expanding and growing in directions I would never have thought of myself. I felt I’d had the benefit of spending time with someone who was incredibly perceptive, intuitive and BS free. I came away with strategies, and an added enthusiasm for my business. 

It was a real privilege to work with you. I’ve started implementing the actions we discussed – the website’s had a bit of a makeover, there’s a new ‘cookie’ with a cleaner, simpler homepage, menu structure and message. I’ve had 2 guest posts accepted and I’m planning on submitting guest posts on a regular, minimum of 2 a month basis. I’ve set up the initial auto-responder series and will be adding more to it over the next few weeks.  There’s still so much richness in the call we had that I’m listening to it again to pull out all of the juicy bits and actions – but it’s great to know I’ve a solid, workable plan now. 

Thank you again and I’m really looking forward to working with you again soon.”

–Jo Casey,

“Hanging up the phone after my Blueprint Session I felt energized and confident! During the call, I could feel Kate’s enthusiasm for working with me and the care that she had taken in preparing for our session.

She helped me to concretely define the unique perspective and message I have to offer as a coach and advised me on how to tie that message to a brand that looks and feels like me. She gave me practical actions and personal exercises to help me create the coaching business I want. Working through The Coaching Blueprint and now my Blueprint Session, Kate has been the best resource I’ve found for starting out in the coaching business!”

–Kaitlyn Sullivan, Life Coach

“I was in the process of redesigning my website and wanted input to expand the outreach of an already successful business. It was so helpful to have Kate’s fresh eyes give input about all that I have created, including my website, from a ‘big picture’ point of view. I came away from the Blueprint Session with a sense of validation of what is working, new inspiration, and a multitude of practical and creative suggestions tailored specifically to what I do. All from a skilled, knowledgeable, and forthright professional who followed through and gave more than expected in a generous, open-hearted way.

I have been highly recommending her to my colleagues.” –Jeannie Campanelli, Inner Confidence Coaching

“If you want to be less overwhelmed by all the choices that face you, Kate is an experienced guide who will lead you gently and firmly to a place of clear direction. There is not one thing I disliked about my Blueprint session. It was worth every penny, every moment.”

–Bob Beverley, Psychotherapist, Find Wisdom Now